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 Strokesplus 2.7.1 irregular crashes (Win8 64-bit)

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
test0nger Posted - 05/19/2013 : 11:51:54

first of all, thanks a ton for StrokesPlus - I use it every day and can't live without it anymore. :)
Sadly, StrokesPlus started crashing on me since a few weeks back under Windows 8 64-bit. The Windows crashlog entry is as follows:

- <Event xmlns="">
- <System>
  <Provider Name="Application Error" /> 
  <EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID> 
  <TimeCreated SystemTime="2013-05-19T15:40:59.000000000Z" /> 
  <Security /> 
- <EventData>
  <Data>C:\Program Files\StrokesPlus\StrokesPlus.exe</Data> 
  <Data>C:\Program Files\StrokesPlus\StrokesPlus.dll</Data> 
  <Data /> 
  <Data /> 

Unfortunately, I can't reproduce the problem. It keeps crashing irregularly, without doing anything special from my side. Sometimes it crashes after a few minutes of use, sometimes it doesn't crash for a long time.

Can you help me with this? Which additional logs/data should I provide?

Kind regards,
34   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Hax Posted - 08/15/2013 : 08:27:18
I'm unable to reproduce my crash scenario 1. Great job!

I wonder if the "Close Tab bug" still exists. Too bad, it's really hard to reproduce.
Rob Posted - 08/15/2013 : 08:01:27
Ok, try
Rob Posted - 08/15/2013 : 07:04:45
Ignore the above, I'm able to reproduce it now. I think I may have been doing things in the wrong sequence.
Rob Posted - 08/15/2013 : 06:56:56
Do you have any before or after scripts set to run? Actually, if your config file doesn't have any sensitive information in it, send it to me (also StrokesPlus.lua), maybe there's something about you specific configuration which makes it more likely to occur.
Hax Posted - 08/15/2013 : 06:50:25
I forgot to meniton that the XP system is my second one. S+ is crashing on my Win 7 machine as well. Nothing's changed.

I turned off a lot of running apps to be sure that they won't interfere and I haven't any mouse drivers/apps installed.

Well, I don't know why you can't reproduce it.
Rob Posted - 08/15/2013 : 06:21:39
Interesting. So you can reproduce on the older machine, but not a different system?

Did it previously crash in scenario 1 on other systems, where now it's only crashing on the XP system?

Is there any kind of software running on the XP system like Microsoft mouse stuff (ipoint.exe) or Logitech? Curious if something else is also hooking the mouse and if that could be something.
Hax Posted - 08/15/2013 : 05:14:47
No freezing up so far.

I was able to reproduce the crash scenario 1 on my older machine with WinXP SP3 and clean x32 (portable). Hmmmmmm...
Rob Posted - 08/14/2013 : 20:06:24
Found the freeze up issue, should be fixed in (in Download forum now).

Basically, to prevent gesture threads from attempting to use the same Lua state (which always results in a crash), I have some checks regarding the states and their usage. While the checks alone make it less likely to occur, it was still possible. To hopefully address those collisions, I added a call to EnterCriticalSection at the beginning of the gesture complete function, then call LeaveCriticalSection after all checks are performed and variables set (just before executing the actual action script, to ensure intentional delays in scripts wouldn't cause other threads to wait until the Lua script was complete).

EnterCriticalSection ensures that threads can't step on each other, only one thread can own the critical section at a time, and by calling LeaveCriticalSection, the thread releases the lock and the next waiting thread can obtain the lock and do its work.

However, there were certain execution paths (like in Training Mode after drawing a gesture, when a gesture wasn't long enough, both Lua states are already in use, or when no match was found) which would result in exiting the gesture complete function without LeaveCriticalSection ever being called. This resulted in an invalid state, causing the other waiting threads to never be allowed to resume execution.

Hopefully should eliminate the freeze up issue.

I wasn't able to reproduce your crash scenario 1 (albeit, after I updated the code, so in

Crash scenario 2 is a known issue. A while back, multiple instances seemed to be something which just doesn't really work right anymore. I actually need to remove it from the interface completely.
Hax Posted - 08/14/2013 : 12:27:26
Check it out (Windows Magnifying Glass can be turn off):

Crash scenario no. 1:

Choose Middle Stroke Button, check Fire Recognition on Mouse Wheel Scroll, set Cancel Delay to 5000 ms, make actions:

Zoom out: acSendKeys("{DELAY=50}@{SUBTRACT}") + Scroll Down modifier

Zoom in: acSendKeys("{DELAY=50}@=") + Scroll Up modifier

Then press the middle mouse button, start drawing circles (or something similar) and simultaneously scroll up and down.

Crash scenario no. 2:

Run a second instance of S+, press "No" when a warning message appears.

S+ froze up a few seconds ago while Windows Magnifying Glass wasn't running.
Rob Posted - 08/14/2013 : 08:04:33
Interesting... Let me know if it's stable in general, outside of while Windows Magnifying Glass is running.

I'll look at that separately tonight and see how/why that would be happening.
Hax Posted - 08/14/2013 : 07:27:48
It means that stroke button is blocked (no clicks, no context menus, no gestures). It's unblocked on apps from the ignore list, though.

Close tab has a simple left stroke, no modifiers.

It hasn't crash yet and freezing seems to be gone. I don't know for how long. It needs further testing.

It looks like 2.7.3 freezes up when Windows Magnifying Glass is running.
Rob Posted - 08/14/2013 : 06:27:54
Does "freeze up" mean something different than crash?

What gesture/modifier(s) do you have assigned for the close tab action?

And the same action does not crash in 2.6.3?

Thanks for your help!
Hax Posted - 08/14/2013 : 02:23:00
Crashes like to happen when I use Windows Magnifying Glass (in full screen mode) and this action (close tab):

acActivateWindow(nil, gsx, gsy, 0)

I can confirm crashes with the mouse wheel scrolling too.

I will check 2.7.3 Beta...


2.7.3 likes to freeze up.
Rob Posted - 08/13/2013 : 21:41:17
I've made a change in 2.7.3 Beta to correct the crashing I was able to reproduce...maybe it will also fix it for others(?)

Note that the fix does affect changes that were introduced in 2.6.4 (Beta 1), so it is possible this update addresses the real issue, since it seems there are many inconsistencies across the split builds.
Rob Posted - 08/13/2013 : 18:58:38
Is there anything that you are doing right when it crashes? Like clicking something...anything at all that may help me figure out where it's happening.

In 5 months since the first report, I have yet to experience any of these crashes myself; on my personal computer or work laptop.

EDIT: Actually, the only situation in which I can create a crash is while drawing a gesture that uses a Wheel Up/Wheel Down and scroll up/down very quickly. I'm trying to figure out how to identify that one, but it doesn't sound like that's what folks are encountering.
Hax Posted - 08/10/2013 : 09:43:11
Strokesplus_2.7.2_win7_nosyn_x64 & Strokesplus_nosynafterwin8global crashed unexpectedly today. That's weird.
NameRec Posted - 08/05/2013 : 18:21:20
v2.7.2 from the directory "StrokesPlus_x64_Signed" taken from
After a week of use on two computers with Windows 8 x64 Enterprise.
The same mouse of Logitech T400 (the same drivers) on two different computers.
I received only one falling of StrokesPlus. Manifestation was same as I wrote earlier.
No doubt, v2.7.2 is much more stable, than v2.7.1.
I want to share the my observations. It was in April.
I have a notebook. There too Windows 8 x64, but Professional edition.
There it was set and perfectly StrokesPlus v2.6.9 worked. Mouse - the budgetary Genius model (can be, it is important).
Then I updated StrokesPlus to v2.7.0. The new StrokesPlus version (v2.7.0) fell in attempt to launch it. I returned to v2.6.9. Then I didn't pay attention as v2.7.0 worked at other computers well.
Excuse for my English...
Rob Posted - 08/04/2013 : 15:51:08
Ok, so it's possible there's an issue with the Immersive window checks, the "Win8" part of the build.

That was added @ 2.6.4 while the TouchPad stuff was still being added in, which seems to coincide with the timeline of plunt's first mention of the crashing.

I'll dig into that code and see if I can find out why it may be happening.

EDIT: Though it seems there may be two issues, as NameRec had troubles immediately after getting a new Logitech device, and has had no problems with the _NoSyn version. Although, he is using Windows 8. Possibly there's a Synaptics issue and an issue with those not running Windows 8 with the immersive checks in place..?

Will see if any kind of pattern emerges. Worst case scenario, I'll just release a few different releases, for Win7 and below, Win8 and up..and both of those also with a separate Synaptics versions. But I'll wait a bit more to see if anything definitively presents itself.
Hax Posted - 08/04/2013 : 15:46:42
StrokesPlus_WithWin8_NoSynAfterGlobal crashed a couple minutes ago.
plunt Posted - 08/02/2013 : 06:05:24
StrokesPlus_NoSynAfterWin8Global: no crashes within one week.
Hax Posted - 08/01/2013 : 05:32:13
StrokesPlus_x64 on Windows 7 SP1 x64.

StrokesPlus_NoSynAfterWin8Global: no crashes within two days.

StrokesPlus_WithAfter_NoSynWin8Global: no crashes within two days.

StrokesPlus_WithAfterWin8Global_NoSyn: crash after one day.

I've been testing StrokesPlus_WithGlobal_NoSynAfterWin8 since yesterday, no crashes so far.
NameRec Posted - 08/01/2013 : 04:33:18
I report that v2.7.2 from the directory "StrokesPlus_x64_Signed" taken from archive, works stablly more than three days in Windows 8 x64.
test0nger Posted - 07/27/2013 : 16:32:43
Okay, I'll test them, beginning from the top, until one starts crashing.
Rob Posted - 07/26/2013 : 02:34:11
Ok, so I've gone through all the differences and compiled several different combinations.

This version removes most of the changes between 2.6.2 and 2.7.1 (still has Lua state and Training Mode updates):
(this version is the base, all below include the code changes in this start with this one first)

This version only adds the functionality for (optionally) firing the sp_after_release script on stroke button release):

This version only adds the functionality to have S+ only work for defined apps (no Global Actions):

This version only adds the functionality which was added to test for Metro apps (Charms and acIsImmersiveProcess):

This version only adds the Synaptics TouchPad integration:

This version adds all functionality, except the Synaptics TouchPad integration:

I know it's quite a pain to have you folks try these different builds, but I still haven't encountered any of the random stability issues mentioned in the forum. Pay very close attention to exactly which version you're starting to try to make sure we identify the correct functionality which is causing the problem.

It may take a bit to work through them, but I've restructured the code so the various combinations above can be easily turned on and off before compiling.

I appreciate any help you all can provide to track down the root of this intermittent issue.

test0nger Posted - 05/23/2013 : 09:18:48
Since I don't have any Synaptics devices, "Disable Integration" is checked.
Rob Posted - 05/21/2013 : 19:40:15
Out of curiosity, do you happen to remember/know if you had Disable Integration checked in Preferences under the Synaptics section when you were using 2.7.1? Or if it was even an option to select (e.g. there's no Synaptics device present at all). Just trying to see if I can narrow anything down.
Rob Posted - 05/21/2013 : 19:33:31
Hmm, that's when the Synaptics stuff was added. Will have to check it out as the Synaptics stuff itself shouldn't affect anything, but there were some other minor adjustments made to better support the functionality.
test0nger Posted - 05/21/2013 : 02:35:44
Originally posted by plunt

try to use a previous version.
I solved my crash with

Thank you very much, good sir! So far, it seems to be perfectly stable.

@Rob: Seems like there exists a regression bug after Version 2.6.3...
plunt Posted - 05/19/2013 : 17:10:48
try to use a previous version.
I solved my crash with
test0nger Posted - 05/19/2013 : 15:18:15
Originally posted by Rob

Before sending anything, have you tried saving your files somewhere else and trying a fresh install of S+ (with the default actions/gestures)?
This would either show whether your files have anything to do with the instability or not.

Yes. To account for a possible misconfiguration of StrokesPlus.xml, I have deleted the original config files and started fresh with a new installation of StrokesPlus. Didn't change the crashing issue.

Another thing to try would be disabling any other apps, like a clean start, and see if it's happening; to see if it's due to another app.

I have only enabled Google Chrome and defined some gestures for this application. All other applications are generally locked out via the option "Only capture on defined applications".
Rob Posted - 05/19/2013 : 15:05:44
Before sending anything, have you tried saving your files somewhere else and trying a fresh install of S+ (with the default actions/gestures)?

This would either show whether your files have anything to do with the instability or not.

Another thing to try would be disabling any other apps, like a clean start, and see if it's happening; to see if it's due to another app.
test0nger Posted - 05/19/2013 : 15:02:33
Oh, that's a bit of a disappointment. :( StrokesPlus has been perfectly stable for me, only in the last few weeks did it start to crash - and I don't know why. After some time while using it, maybe after half an hour or so while using mouse gestures under Chrome, it suddenly crashes. The mouse pointer stops and doesn't react for a few seconds, then the StrokesPlus icon in the tray disappears. Does it help if I post (or maybe privately send you) my StrokesPlus.xml file?
Rob Posted - 05/19/2013 : 14:33:14
The only crashing I've personally noticed on Win8 64-bit is for actions which use the mouse wheel scroll as a modifier and the wheel is scrolled too fast (well, too fast meaning that's what causes the crash).

Unfortunately, S+ was hacked together as a newbie (me ) and I never built-in any type of exception handling nor logging

If you're unable to identify any reproducible pattern, it will be very difficult for me to identify the problem, in the current implementation of S+.
test0nger Posted - 05/19/2013 : 11:55:20
Windows Error Reporting spits out the following:

DynamicSig[22].Name=Zusatzinformation 1
DynamicSig[23].Name=Zusatzinformation 2
DynamicSig[24].Name=Zusatzinformation 3
DynamicSig[25].Name=Zusatzinformation 4
UI[2]=C:\Program Files\StrokesPlus\StrokesPlus.exe
UI[3]=StrokesPlus Executable funktioniert nicht mehr
UI[4]=Windows kann online nach einer Lösung für das Problem suchen.
UI[5]=Online nach einer Lösung suchen und das Programm schließen
UI[6]=Später online nach einer Lösung suchen und das Programm schließen
UI[7]=Programm schließen
LoadedModule[0]=C:\Program Files\StrokesPlus\StrokesPlus.exe
LoadedModule[7]=C:\Program Files\StrokesPlus\StrokesPlus.dll
FriendlyEventName=Nicht mehr funktionsfähig
AppName=StrokesPlus Executable
AppPath=C:\Program Files\StrokesPlus\StrokesPlus.exe

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